Donor Segmentation

When you need to raise large amounts of money, it is useful to do something called ‘Donor Segmentation’. Donor segmentation takes your entire pool of active donors and puts them into smaller groups, or segments, based on their level of investment in your organization. A typical visual representation of donor segmentation is called the donor… Read More »

Donor Cultivation

“Donor Cultivation” means continuing to build a relationship with a donor and asking them for additional gifts. The term ‘donor cultivation” can be used in each of the different kinds of fundraising, but it looks a bit different depending on the fundraising method. Donor cultivation will generate most of your revenue. Why is that? It… Read More »

Donor Retention

In fundraising, successfully encouraging people to make their very first gift is the biggest hurdle. Once gift #1 has been joyfully received, the name of the game is ‘donor retention.’ In fundraising, donor retention refers to activities that encourage people to continue giving after their first gift. Donor retention strategies center on cultivating your relationship… Read More »

Donor Attrition

Donor Attrition – the enemy of every fundraiser! If you’ve been in the world of professional fundraising for more than 20 minutes, you’ve heard the term ‘donor attrition’. It keeps you awake at night. You see it hiding in dark corners as you walk through the streets at night, causing you to break out in… Read More »