I am the Almoner.

My name is Nathan Krupa and I'm an Almoner.

Professionally, I raise money to feed the hungry. In eight years, I've raised more than $4 million to buy warehouses, trucks, equipment, and distribute millions of meals. As a volunteer, I work with my church and other ministries I'm passionate about to help them raise the money they need to build God's Kingdom.

It all started with conversion.

Ten years ago, the Lord snatched me from the clutches of Hollywood and dropped me into the Bible Belt. After a decade of apostasy in LA , the Lord brought me back into the Church. I have the dubious distinction of being both a 'Cradle Catholic' and a convert. Eight years ago, He called me to be a servant of the poor. Since then, I have raised money to feed the hungry with Golden Harvest Food Bank.

So why the Almoner's blog? Asking for money is a bit of an art and a bit of a science. Some people are naturally good at it, some people are good at it because they like to learn from the best, and some people have been given a Charismatic gift of fundraising by God for some specific purpose. I'm a bit of a mix of all three, and my hope is that what I've learned in 8 years of fundraising professionally and 3 year of doing it as a volunteer will be a blessing to anyone who is trying to raise the money needed to build their ministry.

In 2018, I published my first book on fundraising, Letters from the Almoner, which is now available at Amazon.com.

A man with a mission.

My life, my central focus, is that God be glorified in all that I do and that the Gospel of my Savior Jesus Christ and the Church that He founded will spread to the ends of the earth.

I write on the topic of spiritual life at NathanKrupa.com, and have published the story of my conversion in my book, Demoniac, now available on Amazon.