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What Does Your Boss Think of You?

For those of you who missed the announcement back in February 2002, we held an exclusive happy hour and dinner for C-level executives (all DODs, VPs, decision-makers) in King of Prussia, PA. Space was initially limited to 12, but we managed to push it to 21 attendees.

It was a productive night, filled with thought storms. One of the topics we discussed in depth was employee relations.

You might complain about your boss, but … have you ever wondered what your boss thinks of you?

After much discussion about the team members who report to them, our group came pretty much to a consensus about the types of challenges they face — and how those challenges could be solved. After some more brainstorming, they identified six areas where employees should focus their attention for success:

The ability to communicate and empathize with individuals from a wide array of backgroundsThe follow-through and completion of tasksAttention to detailA desire to learn the trade and grow in their current role, instead of constantly thinking about the next promotion or rung on the ladderSimply picking up the phone, instead of an over-reliance on emails and text messagesThe use of handwritten, or at least personalized, notes and letters

We told our group of executives about a company survey we held a year ago. In a nutshell, the survey had shown that most employees think they’re great at their job, and considered themselves to be exceptional leaders. The C-level executives in our group quite disagreed with that conclusion, pointing to the challenges they outlined above.

So remember: It’s not what you think of your boss that counts — it’s the other way around. Your boss is the decision maker, and it’s what they think of you that matters. Only you can make that change. Start with the six points above, and I guarantee you’ll make progress.

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