To Visit or Not to Visit: Choose Wisely

It doesn’t really matter if you go on a visit TODAY.

It also doesn’t really matter if you DON’T go on a visit TODAY.

But compound those actions over the course of a month, year, or career and it changes everything.

Major gift fundraisers that don’t prioritize going on visits with the right donors get lame results, dissatisfaction at work, and are paid minimally.

Those that go on visits as the number 1 priority come hell or high water have no limits.

Pick what org you want to work for?

Control your income?

Have great job satisfaction?

Get out of internal waste of time meetings?

See the mission of your organization grow?

Like it or not, rainmakers are disproportionately valued.

If you want to become one, make going on visits your number 1 priority.

In order to do that, you need to give SCHEDULING visits designated time on your calendar.

Go get a visit scheduled right now and then keep doing that every day for the rest of your career.

Or you can go back to creating the third poll to find out if people prefer the off-white or eggshell napkins at the gala.

Choose wisely.


Kevin Fitzpatrick is the owner of One Visit Away, a consulting business helping leaders of nonprofits schedule more and better visits with their benefactors.  Kevin’s goal is to help fundraising professionals constantly seek to deepen their relationships with their benefactors.  After all, you’re just One Visit Away from growing your mission and your impact.  


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