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The Real Secret to Better Donor Communications

Most fundraisers I know are frustrated with their donor communications…

their fundraising letters aren't raising enough money
their e-mail newsletters aren't being opened, and
their websites aren't getting enough traffic

This is a big problem, because if your donor communications aren't working, your non-profit WILL NOT have the money it needs to thrive.

So, how effective are your non-profit's donor communications?  Are you stuck on the donor communications treadmill, constantly trying to send out more “stuff” just to keep your programs going?

A decade ago, I was exactly where you are today.  I was the newly minted Executive Director of a non-profit that was doing great work, but having trouble getting traction with its appeal letters, newsletters, and online fundraising program.  We were raising some money, but not enough…

Then, I found the secret to building an amazing donor communications system for our organization.

Since then, I've worked with hundreds of organizations to help them implement this strategy.  Now, I want to give it to you too.  You can learn all about it at the link below:

Click here to see how I supercharged our donor communications.

Be sure to check it out… and keep up the great work at your non-profit!

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