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From the real life of a high-achieving ED [& pastor] who keeps a sorely-needed orphanage growing: “Now I’m off to visit an almost 90-year-old donor. She called. ‘BETH!’ (yes, she shouts at me … hard of hearing, I guess) ‘I HAVE A CHECK FOR THE KIDS. I DON’T REMEMBER WHERE TO MAIL IT.’ Me: ‘No worries. I know where you live. I’ll bring cookies!'”

File under: Job opportunity worth considering?

Are you great at managing grants?

“Small but mighty” NYC charity desperately seeks someone; 100% remote; trains tech youth in NYC, Newark, Atlanta, Los Angeles

PS: They’re a darling of the business sector!


Here’s the fascinating email that arrived this morning:

Good Morning and Happy New Year Tom,

My small but mighty nonprofit, The Knowledge House (TKH), is searching for a Development Manager to support us with institutional grants management. We are based in NYC and help youth secure jobs in the tech sector here in NYC, Newark, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. 

We are now offering this opportunity to someone who can work 100% REMOTELY full-time (a total dream from some) since it has been exceptionally challenging for us to find someone based locally.

The salary for this role is listed at $60-$70K, meaning that someone living in a city with a much lower cost of living could benefit. 

She or he can be on the older side with lots of experience but looking to slow down a bit … or someone young, talented, and super detail-oriented looking to create a career for themselves in the nonprofit sector.

Here’s the link to the job description. Anything you can do would be deeply appreciated by myself, my team, and all of the young people looking to make their dreams come true with a new career in tech!

(By the way, this isn’t the case of a picky hiring manager – we’re not even getting any resumes in the door!)

Keeping my fingers crossed,

Lisandra Lamboy, MPA

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¶ HERE. It’s the 2nd part of the headline that caught — trapped, compelled — my eye: What we keep keeps us. It was uttered by Jaki Shelton Green — 2018 poet laureate of North Carolina — in a podcast. Re-quoted by Katherine Malone-France, in this article for the National Trust for Historic Preservations. It echoed for me; made me want to eat, maybe even cook … for the first time in two years.

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