The Magic Words in Fundraising: “Let’s Try It”

In my last post, I shared what it felt like to realize that marketing rules and fundraising rules were different. Click here to see how well I handle being wrong.

Being willing to learn the rules for fundraising writing changed everything for my organization, and for me.

I walked away from my learning and writing adventure with an appeal letter that was like nothing my organization had ever tried before.

The letter was direct and clear.

The writing was simple, around a 5th grade reading level.

We told donors in a clear way what the problem was and how they could give to help solve that problem.

We included a story that illustrated the problem.

We asked donors to give multiple times throughout the letter.

The letter was FOUR PAGES LONG, plus there was a full-sized reply sheet.

The font was large and readable (15 pt!).

And the design was simple… a lot like plain old letterhead with a few design elements.

I printed out the letter and walked into my boss’s office. I watched his facial expressions as he read it.


And then he said,

“Sarah, I don’t know if this will work. I’m somewhat skeptical. But let’s try it.”

“But let’s try it” – these turned out to be the magic words.

That letter where I followed FUNDRAISING rules raised five times what the previous year-end appeal raised.

And it changed the way we did direct mail and email fundraising.

Even though the new way of doing things was a lot more effective, it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

But it turned out the things I learned served me well, even when the world changed completely.

Next time… fundraising when the world turns upside down.

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