Supply Chain Issues

How are we handling the instability for our clients at Meyer Partners?

At this point, everyone has heard about the supply chain issues affecting the direct mail industry. We may be over the year-end rush, but these issues don’t show any sign of letting up. From paper shortages, long lead times, lettershop employee shortages and fluctuating paper and ink costs; many in the industry aren’t expecting things to ease up and stabilize until Q3 or possibly the end of 2022.

How are we handling the instability for our clients at Meyer Partners?

·      Bidding out projects and committing to a vendor as early as possible. This allows time for the print shop to order paper and add the project to their schedule. Paper and ink costs have risen multiple times this year already, so locking in a print quantity and allowing the vendor to order stock will also lock in current prices.

·      Checking in on a frequent basis with all our vendors – not all are seeing the same issues. Some vendors may have long lead times for converted envelopes while others may not be having that issue. Some vendors may not be able to get a specific paper stock inhouse, but others may have plenty on hand.   

·      Adding lead time to projects. Can artwork and data be completed and released 6 weeks before the drop date instead of 4 weeks? While not always a possibility, any extra time for production means a greater likelihood of dropping on time.

·      Being flexible with paper stock. If a print shop can’t get a 70# white stock, what about using 60# or 80#? Is there an alternative card stock that can be used? If color stock is not available, what about printing as a tint instead? Will printing a flat and convert outer envelope have too long of a lead time? Can you adjust the art so it can print via jet?

These are just some of the ways our production team is working to get ahead of potential delays. With this proactive approach, we feel confident that we can continue to offer the best in class creative and production for our clients. If your organization is facing supply chain issues and would like our help to identify how we might be able to streamline your direct mail program, please contact us at info@meyerpartners.com.