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Sometimes the Solution Calls for Hot Water

Like many of you, I’ve gone back to traveling a fair bit, presenting and attending conferences. Sometimes those are being held at very large hotels.

I have a confession to make: I hate those big hotels. They’re simply too big. It takes too long to get to your session. Maybe it’s my Dutch background, and I’m just used to smaller things. Maybe I worry about fire alarms and having to escape.

While they’re typically great in hosting conferences, the worst part of those big hotels is they charge a lot and they often do not have the amenities that other smaller hotels have. They often charge for breakfast, and some even do not have a coffeemaker in the room.

For someone like me who has just a piece of toast with peanut butter for breakfast, I can’t fathom having to pay for a breakfast I don’t eat. But more importantly, having my coffee in the morning without having to get dressed and stand in line somewhere is absolutely crucial. And in the evening, I must have my cup of decaf to decompress.

I come prepared. I travel with some bread and peanut butter, so I don’t have to go for breakfast, or I don’t have to worry if there’s no time (especially with early flights). And I travel with some instant coffee in my bag, just in case.

This week I stayed at one of those big conference hotels. It had a small fridge and even a minibar but no coffeemaker and no microwave in the room. There was a Starbucks downstairs that closed early, but I had seen a Dunkin’ a few blocks from the hotel.

So, after I got settled, I wandered to Dunkin’ for my evening decaf. As it was closing in 10 minutes, it had no decaf coffee ready, and I certainly didn’t want them making a whole pot just for me.

I went to plan B and asked for a cup of hot water, walked back to my hotel and poured in my instant — et voila!

I now typically look at a conference and see what other hotels are in the area from chains that I know have coffeemakers and free breakfasts. Many are walkable, many have shuttles to conference areas and they’re often cheaper. I run my own business, so keeping costs under control is always a factor. Blame it on my Dutch frugal upbringing.

Why am I telling you this? Because as fundraisers, sometimes you want coffee, but you may have to work with hot water instead and add in your own special ingredient.

Ultimately, the result is the same or perhaps even better! Just keep an open mind and plan ahead to have those special ingredients in your back pocket.

First published on Nonprofit Pro on June 23rd, 2022.

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