Professional Fundraising Consultants: Find the Right Firm

Even the most established and experienced nonprofit professionals need help every now and again. With modern fundraising constantly changing, whether it’s due to new giving solutions or a sudden focus on virtual events and working remotely, getting up to speed on the top strategies and industry best practices is a constant and recurring challenge. 

You may naturally experience some fundraising ups and downs as your nonprofit adapts to change and experiments with new tactics, but you don’t have to go it alone. Turning to a professional fundraising consultant can help bolster your efforts, giving you strategies to support your organization in the long run.  

To help you figure out which fundraising consultant agency to partner with, we’ve compiled a list of some standout picks with different specialties:

Meyer Partners

Nonprofit Megaphone

Phoenix Philanthropy

Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt

Perlman + Perlman

Westfall Gold

Aly Sterling


Amy Eisenstein

Jitasa Group

Heller Consulting

We’ll walk through each partner and highlight their core specialties. Then, we’ll dive into how you might choose the best consultant for your nonprofit’s unique needs. Let’s dive in.

Meyer Partners | A Trusted Professional Fundraising Agency

About This Professional Fundraising Agency

Meyer Partners is a full-service nonprofit marketing agency dedicated to helping nonprofits accomplish their fundraising goals. Through data analysis, skilled storytelling, and experience-informed strategy, our team at Meyer Partners serves nonprofits to maximize the results they achieve from every fundraising campaign.

Our Top Fundraising Consulting Services

While we’re technically a marketing agency for nonprofits, Meyer Partners offers more than just effective copy and creative outreach strategies. We’re also known for:

Data analytics

Integrated marketing campaigns (print and digital)

Direct mail appeals

Email marketing campaigns

Landing page optimization

Disaster response fundraising

If you’re looking for a full-service nonprofit communications firm to help you make the most of every campaign, Meyer Partners may be the agency for you.

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Other Top Fundraising Consultants for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit Megaphone: Google Ad Grant Consultants

About This Professional Fundraising Agency

Nonprofit Megaphone is a trusted nonprofit consulting firm dedicated to helping nonprofits take advantage of the Google Ad Grant. The grant provides $10,000 in free Google advertising per month, but it takes some expertise to maintain and make the most of it. Nonprofit Megaphone’s experts can take over managing the grant so your organization doesn’t have to!

Their Top Consulting Services

Nonprofit Megaphone has teams of experts that specialize in every aspect of the Google Ad Grant, including:

Google Ad Grant acquisition

Google Ad Grant maintenance/compliance

Google Ad campaigns

Landing page optimization

Learn more about Nonprofit Megaphone

Phoenix Philanthropy: International Fundraising Consulting

About This Professional Fundraising Agency

Phoenix Philanthropy is a consulting firm that serves nonprofits across the country and the globe. They partner closely with organizations, leveraging their expertise and nonprofit data to create action plans aimed to support missions and optimize fundraising impact.

Their Top Consulting Services

Phoenix Philanthropy has a wide range of expertise in all aspects of fundraising, including:

Revenue generation

Donor management

Strategic planning

Volunteer leadership

Learn more about Phoenix Philanthropy

Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt: Executive Search

About This Professional Fundraising Agency

Ter Molen Watkins & Brandt, also known as TWB, is a fundraising consultant group specializing in increasing results, capacity, and impact in both small and large nonprofits all over the country. TWB knows that each nonprofit is unique and will have different goals, so they aim to customize their services and work closely with your board to fit your specific needs. 

Their Top Consulting Services

Specifically, TWB offers special services for executive recruitment, like:

Hiring assistance

Director & board training

Transition counseling for interim staffing

Learn more about TWB Fundraising

Perlman + Perlman: Consulting for Charity Compliance

About This Professional Fundraising Agency

Perlman + Perlman is a law firm dedicated to serving the charitable sector. They provide legal advice—and litigation services, if necessary—to nonprofits, covering a wide range of areas of interest. In particular, they are knowledgeable on charity compliance.

Their Top Consulting Services

Some of their specialties include:

Compliance services

Charitable solicitation registration

Technology, digital privacy, & security

Learn more about Perlman + Perlman

Westfall Gold: Major Donor Consulting

About This Professional Fundraising Agency

Westfall Gold is a major donor fundraising agency dedicated to empowering nonprofits to leverage their most important relationships. With their help, nonprofits can better move donors from transactional to transformational giving, bond them to your mission, and turn them into ambassadors. 

Their Top Consulting Services

Westfall Gold offers a “major donor experience,” which includes:

A three-and-a-half day vision-casting weekend

Best practices for all major donor strategies

Collaboration with other nonprofit leaders

Learn more about Westfall Gold

Aly Sterling Philanthropy: Capital Campaign Consulting

About This Professional Fundraising Agency

Aly Sterling Philanthropy is a fundraising consulting agency dedicated to helping nonprofits better understand their donors, align strategies with organizational goals, and strengthen board member communications. Specifically, Aly Sterling is equipped to help walk your nonprofit through hosting a successful capital campaign. 

Their Top Consulting Services

If you need help developing a capital campaign strategy, Aly Sterling can help with:

Capital campaign timelines

Leadership team training

Feasibility studies

Learn more about Aly Sterling

Aria: Telemarketing & Direct Mail Consulting

About This Professional Fundraising Agency

Aria is a consulting firm that works with a variety of organizations to help them craft the perfect messaging to improve their donor and customer experience. They do this through telemarketing and direct mail support.

Their Top Consulting Services

Specifically, Aria’s services include:

Outbound and inbound telemarketing

Lead generation

Handwritten direct mail

Learn more about Aria

Amy Eisenstein: Nonprofit Development Consulting

About This Professional Fundraising Agency

Amy Eisenstein has been a development and fundraising consultant for over 20 years and is also the CEO of the Capital Campaign Toolkit. As one of the recognized leading experts in her field, she has helped nonprofits of all sizes increase their fundraising capacity and even hosts the highest certification in the field, the Advanced Certified Fundraising Executive (ACFRE).

Their Top Consulting Services

One of Amy Eisenstein’s top goals is to make nonprofit development simple and easy. She does this through:

Complete analysis of current development operations

Detailed action plans to help raise funds efficiently and effectively

Board member training and engagement

Learn more about Amy Eisenstein

Jitasa Group: Nonprofit Accounting Consulting

About This Professional Fundraising Agency

Jitasa Group is an agency dedicated to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of nonprofits through their bookkeeping and accounting services. No matter the state, staff size, or revenue of the organization, Jitasa has the expertise to help them regain control over their finances and encourage growth.

Their Top Consulting Services

With Jitasa, you can expect:

Fully staffed accounting team

Access to expert finance and accounting professionals

Access to Quickbooks

Learn more about Jitasa Group

Heller Consulting: CRM Implementation Consulting

About This Professional Fundraising Agency

Heller Consulting is an agency dedicated to helping nonprofits improve their relationships through technology. Specifically, they can help ease the CRM implementation process to help nonprofits better understand their system and leverage it to its fullest potential.

Their Top Consulting Services

Heller Consulting has worked with Salesforce, Microsoft, and Blackbaud, and they stand out for their:

Robust technical expertise

Industry best practices and nonprofit strategy development

Change management techniques to ease the user adoption process

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Choosing the Right Professional Fundraising Agency for Your Nonprofit

If you’re seeking professional fundraising help, turning to a consultant is your best bet. But in order to have a truly valuable partnership and improve your fundraising efforts, the consultant services that you use should be specific to your exact needs.

What are professional fundraising consultant services?

There are many aspects of running a successful nonprofit, so it can be difficult to have a specialized team for each area. That’s where nonprofit consultants come in. 

Professional fundraising consultants are individuals or teams from outside agencies that come in and help your nonprofit with various aspects of its operations like fundraising, strategic planning, and leadership development. 

Some of the common areas of specialties include:

Grant acquisitions

Fundraising appeals

Nonprofit accounting

Capital campaigns

Prospect research

Technology and website development

The consultants come, give advice on their specific specialty and your needs, and leave you with long-term takeaways and guidance to carry forward.

How do I hire a professional fundraising consultant?

Before you start contacting different consultants, we recommend taking a couple of steps first to better understand what kind of help you’re seeking. 

Here’s how you might hire a professional fundraising consultant:

Identify your nonprofit’s needs. Look to your nonprofit data and past engagements to determine if there are any major gaps that need to be addressed. Meet with your nonprofit board and development committee to see if they have any ideas, as well as gain their approval. You want to ensure everyone is on the same page before moving forward. Then, clearly define your needs and the exact areas you're seeking help in.

Research different consultants based on these needs. Now that you have a list of needs and gaps in your strategies, start researching consultants based on that list. On top of looking at their specialties, also take note of the previous organizations that the consultant has worked with. If you see that they often work with nonprofits with similar missions to yours, there’s a good chance they can more accurately help. 

Submit Request For Proposal (RFPs) to your top options. RFPs are documents that your nonprofit can create to determine which consultant candidate is best for you. They layout your nonprofit’s needs, mission, the current context of your organization, and any relevant goals. Candidates will use your RFP to tailor unique proposals about how they’d help your nonprofit address your needs in support of your long-term goals.

Discuss your situation with each consultant. Talk individually with the standout consultants who’ve returned proposals. Make sure they have a complete understanding of what you want out of this partnership and that their services fit into your budget.

Choose one based on those discussions/what they bring to the table. During those discussions, you can start to narrow down your choices. Make sure to ask for references to see how the consultant works in action and what other results they’ve helped bring. 

Once you know who you want to work with, make sure to follow up and start discussing the next steps. Remember, consultants are there to help you, so helping them gain a complete understanding of your nonprofit’s gaps and needs is essential.

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