Overcoming Insecurity and Gaining Clarity When Fundraising

Your fundraising journey is unique and unlike anyone else’s. And yet, you can often learn from others’ experiences in fundraising. We have a number of professional fundraising coaches, and they can offer some insight for you about challenges they’ve recently overcome with clients, and how you can overcome your similar challenges. Take a look at Mark & Anita’s challenges.

1 – Asking for Funding with Sensitivity

A veteran missionary couple, Mark & Anita (not their real names) are fundraising cross culturally. Anita wanted to be very careful in explaining their ministry to her husband’s Canadian friends, believing that the typical straight-forward approach could be offensive to the laid back culture. Anita felt self-conscious talking with her accent, and Mark felt overwhelmed by trying to keep the goals of their ministry simple. He was unsure how to clearly explain the needs of their ministry and their goals to reach single mothers in Costa Rica.

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Our coach asked Anita to write out her calling story. It was then that Anita realized the impact on her own life of growing up in a single mother family. Anita realized she had a lot of personal insight, and it was because of her background that she had a burden, and therefore was more than qualified to minister and make others aware of the need with other single parent families.

Anita’s mission became more clear: giving hope to struggling, single mothers in the poorer section of Costa Rica. Once Anita realized this, she gained great confidence sharing her personal story, and has learned to show compassion for the Costa Ricans while talking to Canadians about the ministry.

Anita says, “Despite the fact I was unsure on how to portray my calling, it was a pleasant journey to have our coach’s help as I learned to identify the keys in delivering a meaningful and personal message.”

2 – An Intricate Ministry Needing a Simple Mission

As Anita gained confidence, Mark was unsure how to keep simplicity in their mission and yet clearly explain all their ministry does. Initially, Mark would explain his ministry’s purpose, “to create hope by providing the necessary skills to train the women to break the cycle of poverty.”

This mission didn’t offer a clear solution, strategy, or plan. Through the coaching process, he came up with a three fold strategy: English classes, computer classes, and sewing classes. These practical lessons could give the Costa Rican moms enough confidence to find a job, and through those activities, these women would hear the gospel.

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Mark created action steps with their coach that included:

1. Write out a strategy

2. Share his strategy with 2 churches and get their feedback.

3. Refine his strategy after sharing it with the churches.

At the end of his action steps Mark said, “After the training, I was able to explain more clearly what [was] our strategy and calling to churches. I am thankful for the guidance that our coach provided us during the process.”

They now have 3 churches expressing interest in helping with the ministry, and are on their way to taking their ministry to the next level with funding and a clear ministry plan. Ready for your own funding plan? Contact a fundraising coach today.