Lesson Five: Don’t burn yourself.

I published my last blog two months ago, missing my monthly goal twice. I hate not meeting goals. I made a commitment to share about our entrepreneurial journey once a month, and I did not hold to that. Just skipping to the next topic on my blog outline without sharing what was happening behind the scenes in our business would not be authentic. That is the point of this series, right? Nor would it be flexible, another key point I’ve made a few times.

In June, a few of our clients’ contracts were up for renewal, so that meant hours of data-crunching, grant strategizing, and meeting in person (finally!). Anyone who has to show their clients data-driven results and value understands this process. Contract renewals mean onboarding all the new information into our systems to make sure grants get on our master calendar, billing is set up, etc. (We learned a long time ago to stagger end dates for contracts - having every client renew at the same time is the biggest headache.) 

July brought us two huge grants, one of those for a new client for whom we had no narrative already written, on top of an already relatively heavy deadline month. 

This month, we have already submitted half our grants for the month, and by the end of August, it will have been our busiest deadline month to date. 

On top of that, Faith and our small business gal, Tracie, prepared for and presented at a local Chamber event on August 19th, and we’ve spent one day a week since July building a webinar series for small businesses that we’re hosting in September.

Needless to say, all of our hair has been on fire, trying to keep everything running as smoothly as possible. Blogs were the one task I could give up without drastically impacting the company, so I did.  

We did not miss a deadline.

We added a few new clients.

We all went on vacation(s) and spent time with our families while navigating hard life stuff. 

Be willing to let go of something so you don’t burn yourself.

But be sure that what you let go of is not the thing you need the most.

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