Matching gifts can help light a fire under an employee giving campaign.

How You Can Identify Major Donors!

Giving history is a great indicator for identifying major donors. If someone has given you at least $500 in the past, they could potentially give again and give more. Making the leap from $500 to $1,000 is likely not a huge jump for most major donors – especially when we are considering asking someone to give 50% more than they have previously given.

A key element of our success with Tailored Fundraising Solutions clients is engaging in donor research with them. We have a system set up to take the names and contacts of everyone you know (both donors and contacts) and run them through a public database that will tell us the giving capacity of those individuals. If you are unsure of who the major donors are in your network, engaging in donor research with a partner like Tailored can really help to identify those major and mega donors. Although, sometimes donor research can be as simple as asking friends in the same network about certain individuals.

Looking for major donors also means looking beyond individuals. Churches, businesses and organizations in your network can also provide a corporate gift. Oftentimes, higher capacity donors give out of assets and not just cash flow. You need to consider these assets as a potential benefit to your organization or ministry.

You should always be thinking bigger and always be thinking of the next step when it comes to donor relationships!

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