Matching gifts can help light a fire under an employee giving campaign.

How to End 2021 Financially Sound

It's the end of the year. And that usually means nonprofit leadership is a little nervous about ending the year in the black. Personally, I've been coaching two different executives this past week around this very issue. So, how can you end your calendar year in the black?

First, create a vision-based budget.

It doesn't have to be elaborate, just clear, compelling, and rooted in your vision to impact the world. It should set clear goals for you and the donor.

Second, create urgency by highlighting the villain.

At Tailored, we say, "The hero is only as great as the villain is bad." The problem you are solving as an organization needs to be serious and urgent. That's your villain. And it will be a huge motivator for your donor.

Lastly, set up a time to make an ask.

Once you have the first two communication pieces thought out, identify a few key, high-capacity donors, set up a meeting, and ask them directly to give financially. Make sure you ask a yes or no question. That's the test of a good ask!

Russell Cooper, Co-Founder

As co-founder of Tailored, I am dedicated to developing generosity in the Body of Christ. This is why I'm passionate about creating strategic partnerships with disciple-making organizations, as well as coaching leaders. When I have free time, I'm watching America’s Test Kitchen and trying out new recipes on my wife, my most dependable food critic.