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How Is Fundraising Like Tangled Wires?

Have you ever wondered why wires have a tendency to tangle up in ways you’d never imagined when you put them away? I always marvel as to why this happens.

I put my computer cables or my phone charging cord in my bag and it never comes out the way I put it away. It’s as if there’s a little wire-tangle fairy at work.

Well, at times, it may feel like fundraising is like dealing with untangling wires. If you are patient and take your time to work through it, step by step, you’re able to untangle the wires and raise more money. If you try to do it too fast, your wires just tangle even more.

If, at first, pulling through a wire one way doesn’t work, you’ll simply have to try another way. You’re still dealing with the same wires. You’re still looking at the same end result — untangled wires, ready to be put into action.

In a world that’s increasingly fast and challenging, it is crucial to have the patience to look at the wires in front of you. Are they straight or tangled? Do you need to take some time to untangle them?

If you do and take just a few minutes every day to decide what’s really important, that will help you reach your ultimate goal.

Don’t introduce any new wires at this time as the ones you have will work just fine. Don’t get distracted with wanting to look at the latest shiny thing when you’ve not necessarily optimized what you have.

Only with patience and focus will you be able to raise more money. This is especially true when it comes to monthly giving. Slow and steady wins the race. Stop, untangle the wires you have and keep at it.

First published on Nonprofit Pro June 2nd, 2022

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