Get a Generous Response… Every Single Time! (Part 1)

It can be incredibly frustrating to be so passionate about a ministry, cause, calling, or idea when you feel alone in the journey because of a lack of partnership or financial resource. This will make you feel as though you are screaming at the top of your lungs for the resources you need, the ways others can be involved, and the opportunities for others to give–yet no one is responding.

This point of frustration and stress can cause a lot of entrepreneurs and leaders to give up on their vision or mission prematurely, falsely assuming they are the only one in the world who will ever care about the issue at hand. Sadly, they give up too soon.

Raising money is all about understanding how to invite other people to solve a problem with you by taking ownership of the cause.

This concept excites me because I cannot help but think about the millions of believers who have God-given passions, visions, and callings on their lives that God wants to resource with what He has already given the Church to steward. The resources are ready and available, you just need to learn how to tap into them to encourage the generous response you are looking for.

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