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Even a Tiny Gesture Can Make Monthly Donors Feel Special

Recently, I presented at the Faith and Fundraising Conference in Milwaukee for about 400 in-person attendees. It was so wonderful to see people I hadn’t seen in a few years.

Everybody had to show either proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test. Attendees indicated how comfortable they were with interacting with others through a small dot on their name badges. Green meant handshakes were OK, yellow showed that a fist or elbow bump was permitted and red indicated to keep a safe distance. Everybody was very respectful with the color indicator being the first thing people viewed — what color was the dot before reaching out.

This tiny, colored dot made me think of other ways fundraisers can make their donors — and especially their monthly donors — feel special. It really does not take much.

I always recommend inviting your monthly donors to your events. For virtual events, that was already really easy.

But now the country is opening up again and you’re planning in-person events, consider inviting your monthly donors as well. They may not always be able to come. They may not always be able to purchase the high-priced ticket, but they’ll feel special if you invite them to be part of it.

Then, if they come, consider adding a special dot, star or little branded sticker on the donor’s name badge to indicate they’re a monthly donor. It’s a great conversation starter. People do look at those name badges and stickers.

It costs you virtually nothing, but it may very well help you grow your number of monthly donors. I know several organizations, especially those that are local/regional, that have done exactly that.

Remember, it’s all about planting the seeds about monthly giving while engaging and stewarding your monthly donors in special ways. Even a tiny gesture, like a dot on a donor’s name badge, can make a difference!

First published by NonProfit PRO on March 3, 2022.

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