Disciples and Stewards

Knowing and Doing

It’s not enough that we know God’s will… we must put it into practice. We might KNOW that we need to hit the brakes to avoid a head-on collision, but unless we DO hit the brakes – CRASH, BANG, KABLOOM. As St. James reminds us in the Bible, “Faith without works is dead.”

Doing God’s will is sometimes a lot harder than knowing God’s will. Adam’s legacy to us is a will that struggles to do the good that we should be doing, but races to do the evil that we should avoid. It’s difficult to retrain our wills to love doing good and despise doing evil. It takes grace, humility, and determination.

Jesus told us that anyone who wants to be His disciple must pick up the cross every day. One way we can pick up our cross is by choosing to do the good that we really don’t want to do and refusing to do the evil that seems so desirable.

Disciples and Stewards  is a series of short weekly meditations designed with Church Bulletins in mind. If you would like to feature Disciples and Stewards in your bulletin, please contact the Almoner at nathan@thealmoner.com.

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