Disciples and Stewards

The Unity of Truth

If you’re seeking to know God’s will, which of the five sources should you trust: direct revelation, Scripture, Tradition,  the lives and writings of the saints, or your spiritual counselor? The correct answer is all five of them. God will never contradict Himself, so there is and always will be a perfect harmony between these five different sources of understanding.

How does this work in practice? This is a process called ‘discerning God’s will’. Read and study the Scriptures, the Tradition, and the lives of the saints. Seek to understand what the Church has revealed about who God is and what He desires for us. Prayerfully examine what is going on in your life and in your heart in light of that revelation. Discuss it with your spiritual counselor. When there is harmony between all of these sources of knowledge, you should have peace that you know the will of God and can move forward with confidence.

Disciples and Stewards  is a series of short weekly meditations designed with Church Bulletins in mind. If you would like to feature Disciples and Stewards in your bulletin, please contact the Almoner at nathan@thealmoner.com.

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