Spiritual Counsel

Don’t walk alone!

One powerful model that Jesus gave us for learning to do God’s will is the Master/Disciple relationship. He himself chose individuals and walked with them for three years, teaching them how to know and do God’s will.

Following from His example in our day and age is the traditional Catholic practice of spiritual direction. A person who is mature and experienced in Christian life can be a spiritual director for a person who is less experienced. The spiritual director will help a disciple to grow in the being able to know God’s will. The disciple will tell their spiritual director what God appears to be doing in their lives. The spiritual director might confirm, reject, or offer pointed questions that bring clarity. 

Disciples and Stewards  is a series of short weekly meditations designed with Church Bulletins in mind. If you would like to feature Disciples and Stewards in your bulletin, please contact the Almoner at nathan@thealmoner.com.

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