Disciples & Stewards – Ask His Church

One way to discover God’s will is to study the official teachings of the Catholic Church. Jesus entrusted the mission of passing on the faith to the Church when told His apostles to teach the nations to observe all of His commandments.

The Sacred Tradition, with a capital T, is the deposit of faith entrusted to the Apostles as it has been lived and understood throughout the ages. The Magisterium, or teaching office of the Church, explains our faith to us through works like the Catechism, Encyclicals, Council Documents, and other authoritative teachings. If you have a question about the faith or the Catholic understanding of morality, the Catechism is a great resource to bring light and clarity. God’s will for us is that we know our faith and put it into practice.

Disciples and Stewards  is a series of short weekly meditations designed with Church Bulletins in mind. If you would like to feature Disciples and Stewards in your bulletin, please contact the Almoner at nathan@thealmoner.com.

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