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Don’t Miss Your 20 Second Ministry Opportunity!

Not so long ago, I was walking through Walmart doing the routine shopping trip when I bumped into someone I’d met once at a bible study. We exchanged the usual pleasantries and went on our separate ways.  As I continued down the aisle it hit me, God had just given me the opportunity to share what He was doing, and I missed it.

Have You Missed It?

Have you ever walked away from a chance encounter mentally kicking yourself for not sharing what’s on your heart?  I know I have!  I believe that God is constantly giving us opportunities to share His goodness and how He is moving. It’s up to us to maximize those moments. The challenge is figuring out how to take those surface-level conversations and transform them into an opportunity to share about God’s goodness.  

It is important to be prepared for any chance you have to talk about what God is doing in your life and what God has called you to do in this world. That random person you see at Walmart, or in the lobby of your church, is another opportunity to share your mission calling.

What if, instead of allowing those moments to slip by, you were prepared at all times to raise awareness? You need a strategy for these “unplanned” meetings. Not only do you need a strategic plan, you also need an attention-getter; all you have is about 20- 30 seconds to engage your listener.

Get The Message Ready

Be prepared to answer in a way that generates interest in where God is calling you to go, and create an opportunity for follow-up. Be excited, energetic, and share WHY you’re sacrificing to follow this calling from God.

You have to find the most compelling thing about what you’re doing and share that message in the brief - maybe 20 to 30 second - time period you’re given. The ultimate goal is to get the listener excited about what you’re doing so they begin wondering how they can be a part of the solution with you.

Here are a couple things you should think through:

1- Share the reason you’re going.   Why should this person be motivated to help?  The reason you care is quite often the reason others will care too.

2- Show your passion.  Be energetic and excited.  People don’t want just information, they want a story, speak from your heart. Your enthusiasm can be contagious.  

3- Stay away from the detailed programs and services your ministry will offer. That is, until you can set up a planned meeting. This leaves them wanting to know more when you meet again.

Be the Initiator!

You want them wanting to know more and you want to create an opportunity for follow-up. For example, “I would love to sit down sometime to catch up and share more about how God is moving in my place of ministry. Would it be okay if I gave you a call in a day or two to compare our schedules and put something on the calendar?”

If you can learn to treat each sudden encounter as a God-appointed event, your ministry and your opportunity to partner with others can easily increase. Take advantage of any 20 second ministry opportunity you’re given!