Are You the Non-Profit Leader We’re Looking For?

Are you a non-profit leader?

Are you an executive director, development director, program manager, board member, consultant, or another type of leader in your organization?

If not, do you want to be a leader at your non-profit?

Whether you're currently a non-profit executive or want to be in the future, here's your invitation to join me for the single best training opportunity available for non-profit leaders:

As part of this program, you'll learn everything you need to know to lead your non-profit into the future, including:

How to PLAN for bigger success at your organization
How to LEAD and inspire your team
How to MANAGE your staff and volunteers to meet your goals
And much more…

If you are currently leading your non-profit, or a department of your non-profit, or if you want to be a non-profit leader…

Or, if you're a board member or aspiring board member… or a consultant to non-profits…

Then this program is for you.  Don't miss out – registration closes soon.

Click Here to Learn More or to Register Now!

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