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A Fundraiser's Christmas Gift - The Fundraiser Wiki

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Ya'll may have noticed that my posts have been a little thin on the ground for the past year. Yes, Corona virus, and yes, new baby. I also published a new book, Demoniac, which shares the story of my conversion. Life has been more than a little busy. But that's not all that has been going on in the Almoner's workshop.

For the past 8 months, I've been building the Fundraiser Wiki. I love wikis. The most famous wiki on the web is Wikipedia, a vast treasure trove of information on all types of different things. Wikipedia only has a single page on fundraising, however and that doesn't seem to do our professional art justice.

Like Wikipedia, the new Fundraiser Wiki is a collaborative project. I've already added a large amount of content. In fact, I have transferred the entire Fundraiser's Playbook into the wiki, and now you can get involved as well. If you create a login to the site, you'll be able to create new pages, add ideas, correct my spelling (hopefully I've done most of that already).

Share your fundraising insights with the world

My goal is to make the Fundraiser Wiki the best fundraising resource in the world. I can't do that by myself. A lot of that knowledge is locked inside of YOUR heads. If you have an idea and see that an article doesn't exist already, create one.

The Fundraiser Wiki is released as with a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license (CC BY-SA). This means that anyone can use the content in any way they desire, including commercially, as long as credit is given when credit is due, and they also share derivative works on the same basis.

One of my special hopes for the wiki is to build a growing body of fundraising case studies of different varieties that people can use for inspiration. So if you have a case statement you want to share, or a grant application, or a direct mail piece, go to the appropriate section and add a page to the Case Studies section. Follow the Case Study Template and enter your materials into the system.

Also, I'd like to include a growing list of fundraising consultancies and supporting companies. If your company isn't already listed, you can follow the Vendor Listing Guide to share your materials. I expect you to use marketing style language in the vendor listings. Just please do not make any changes to a competing vendor's page or write any material that attacks another company or individual. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

Merry Christmas!

This is my gift to fundraisers. I hope that you find the Fundraiser Wiki useful and effective in raising the money that you need to build God's Kingdom.

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