5 Steps to Lock In a Donor Pledge!

Have you ever had someone commit to giving to your organization or cause, but not actually give? Has anyone ever told you that they want to partner with your ministry, but they never actually do?

As the fundraiser, follow-up is your job. No one will ever care more about your ministry or cause than you do!

If you’ve had potential donors fall through the cracks, try applying these 5 key components to your next ask:

1. Express Gratitude: Always, always thank your donors. No matter how small or large the gift, you need to call and thank the donor within 48 hours. Research has shown that a second gift is likely to be as much as 50% more than the first gift if the new donor is thanked within 48 hours!

2. Share the Impact: The impact your ministry is making is the reason your donors want to partner with you. Your impact gives you the opportunity to share what partnership is really about: What God is doing through the ministry and the impact you have together.

3. Ask for a Specific Commitment: Don’t walk away from a meeting, phone call, or email without asking for a specific financial commitment. This is where many fundraisers fall short, simply because they are afraid to ask. Most people want to be asked to partner at a specific amount. So, be clear and ask!

4. Share a Specific Goal: Sharing a specific goal is connecting your donor to the impact the ministry is making—and making them feel as if they are an important part of it. The goal is always partnership. Help them understand and feel like they are part of the bigger picture!

5. Attach the Giving Information: Giving should be easy, and if possible, one click away. Link your giving options in an email or text message for fast, easy giving! 

Here’s a written example from one of our Tailored Fundraising Coaches (try to count all 5 steps!):

“Thank you so much for your interest in partnering with _______ and the ministry of sending fully funded workers to share the hope of Christ with the nations! You mentioned last month that you were interested in partnering on a monthly basis at $100/month. Is that something you’re still interested in? We have a goal of hitting 50% by the end of July and are asking all of our verbal partners to get signed up by then! Is this something you will be able to do? If so, click here to sign-up for a recurring monthly partnership. We are grateful for you and we are looking forward to impacting the world together!”

Keeping potential donors from falling through the cracks is extremely important. Anyone who expresses interest in your ministry or cause should be followed-up with in a timely manner, if you are going to thrive as a ministry!

To find out more about how to treat your potential donors, check out the 4th chapter in our e-book, How to Get a Generous Response (Almost) Every Time You Ask.

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